India’s Most Affordable Electric Car With 120 Km Range And Starting Price Of Rs 3 Lakh

The Strom R3, unlike most cars, doesn’t have four wheels, it has three with a reverse trike format – two wheels up front and one at the back. The R3 has been designed specifically for urban traffic and comes in three variants – Pure, Current and Bolt. It has a range of either 80 km or 120 km depending on the variant.

 It also has optional fast charging to top up the batteries to 80% in about 2 hours. A full charging time of 3 to 6 hours is being claimed. Commonly available features like air conditioning, power windows and central locking are present.
What’s most important however is the price of the R3. While major manufacturers struggle to keep costs down, Strom Motors says the R3 will be available with a starting price of Rs 3 lakh when it is put on sale later this year. That’s half of what the nearest competitor is priced at.

Strom Motors also claim that the R3 will be equipped with a remote assisted parking system which lets the driver park the car in tight spots using their phones.

With more electric cars being launched, the government’s aim of selling a large number of electric cars by 2030 may just become a reality.

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